Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 7/8 Assignment: Tyler

To begin critiquing, I'd like to say that the poster title is clearly presented with it's recognition of the center,  by acknowledging the test bed, and listing the faculty and students involved in the research.  A small project outline map in included in the top right corner that shows several performance requirements and product barriers that need to be reached and overcome during the timeline of the research.  In the bulk of the poster, the project outline explains what the project is, the technology it uses, and what it will be used for.  This section of the poster is very important because it needs to be an informative introduction so that a viewer with little knowledge in hydraulic can form a basic understanding of the poster presentation, but also in a concise manner. The next section describes the medical applications in which this human assist machine is to be used for.  The applications section is important because it goes hand in hand with listing the design and product specifications for usage.  To the right, the product design section should be viewed next which shows several detailed CAD models of the prototype with labeled parts.  This may be in contrast of showing cartoon/sketch images of the project that are less detailed so that all viewers can understand the parts, but a photograph of the prototype is also used to help see the final outcome of the product. Performance testing and component modeling sections are located in the bottom left corner.  These sections may not be well interpreted by a viewer who is not familiar with hydraulic systems but anyone in science & engineering will be able to take away something from these results section. Finally, the bottom right section gives a forward look to where the research intends to proceed.
Overall, I think the background and future work of the project are very concise in the poster but gives much more emphasis on the built prototype, which is what people really want to see.  The poster is definitely appealing to look and would attract many viewers walking by.

Project Update:
The custom parts and electronics are almost all together to form a test stand to gain the experimental results for control methods on the ankle-foot actuators.  Soon, experimental results will be compared with simulation results to find a method that will optimize and maximize system preformance.

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