Thursday, August 13, 2015

Briana's Final Post

My project was to investigate the biofuel content in biodiesel as well as investigate the presence of moisture and particulate in the fuel. After gathering test samples from public filling stations, I performed a variety of tests on the samples to determine their biofuel concentration as well as investigate the presence of contaminants. At the end of my research, I found that one of the instruments used to detect moisture was not a useful application in studying biodiesel specifically. Additionally, we found that certain samples may have contained high levels of free fatty acids, which can effect engine performance. Understanding the presence of free fatty acids was beyond the scope of my project, but will be an area of interest in future research.
Overall, this research experience has been fantastic. I was given so much independence, but help was always readily available whenever I needed. I was able to explore the states of Wisconsin and Illinois during my stay in Milwaukee. I am extremely grateful to the CCEFP as well as my advisor for this amazing experience.

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