Thursday, August 27, 2015

Closing Remarks!

This summer proved to be one full of new discoveries, learning many critical aspects of conducting research, and coming to appreciate the twists, turns, and new avenues to go about accomplishing academic goals!

Final Summary: Overall, our objective was to assess healthcare workers in their work system and gain an understanding of the acceptance and usage of technology to improve safety and quality of care. Also, to use a human factors approach to develop human machine interface for selected fluid power systems (test bed 4) that are user-centered, safe, easy, and comfortable to use. 

As a result, we were able to gain participants (CNAs, managers, nurses, and trainers) to be interviewed and receive a first-hand understanding of the current work system in a health care environment. This helped us understand the process by which new technology is introduced, received, and implemented within the system! With more time, we could have further assessed and suggested methods of process improvement, safety enhancements, and overall user-centered system design advancements. Either way, we ended with a great foundation for moving forward with future work!

As for me, I learned many fundamentals that research entails: How to approach writing a dissertation, conducting literature reviews, creating a research poster, and learning to adapt to any curve balls along the way! Advice I would give to future CCEFP participants would be to keep an open mind and be ready to take on challenges out of your comfort zone! There may be many unexpected encounters that could lead you in different directions with your work that may prove to be great additions you may not have initially considered!

All in all, I wish everyone the best and want to thank the CCEFP program for a great experience and insightful exposure to the world of fluid power!

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