Friday, August 7, 2015

Week 6 ( Catch Up post)

Hello Everyone I realize that I am very far behind on all of my posts so now that my whole summer has finally died down I wanted to take this time in order to catch up and complete any posts which I was unable to finish previously. So lets begin!

Well initially, I actually did not know that I had wanted to be an engineer I initially wanted to be a history major. However, after taking calculus at my high school I saw glimpse of the awesome things you can do with t and one of those things one bioengineering. And I was even more interested in bioengineering once I found out that it was being used in tissue regeneration which was very interesting to me given some of my friends who are athletes are unable to continue participating in certain sports due to over use injury they have suffered over the years. So I guess I was not so much interested in the engineering aspect of things, but more the biomolecular engineering route as well as prosthetics. Nevertheless in college I applied to be a bioengineer, I got in and as my classes progressed I became more and more fond of science and its applications. It is truly like learning another culture and sure there was a very steep learning curve I thought initially that introductory physics was one of the hardest classes I took at the time and I hated it. However, now I love physics and other things and I want to continue to learn as much as I can in the hopes that one day I can make a meaningful contribution to society and people can reap the benefits apart from just financial benefits. So there you go me wanting to be an engineer has not exactly been a life long process; however it is still on going and you know what I am glad it is! 

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