Friday, August 14, 2015

Jamari Guy Final Post

Hey, I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and learned many new things along the way. Unfortunately the summer is nearing the end and the new school year is upon us. I wish the absolute best for all of you, and hope you succeed in everything you do.
Towards the end of my project I was working with Jack, which is a digital human simulation software, to create a work environment of my project to collect an ergonomic analysis. By creating an environment in Jack I hoped to analyze the movements of the human worker. Therefore determining how worker is affected by stress and fatigue. I quickly found out how difficult it was to work with Jack; it took quite awhile to get use to the software, also it crashed quite often.  After a week of getting use to the software I was able to create a similar environment of my project to begin with. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to run an ergonomic analysis due to time. As a result I focused on having a strong foundation for my methodology so future work can be done. The next step of course would be to create a solid work environment in Jack to run an ergonomic analysis; preferably a lower back analysis and a fatigue analysis. By examining these analyses we hope to find ways to make the workers job safer and more efficient.

This summer has been a blast, as well as a learning experience. Although I have done research in the past, there is always something new to learn. From not completely knowing what fluid power was, to know being able to explain and knowing how it is being applied in the world.  I also learned things I need to work on personally, as far as conducting independent research and presenting the research. All in all, I am truly fortunate for this opportunity. My advice to new comers entering research would be to take full advantage of the opportunity. To learn from people who are experts and have experience at what they do; also from people who are willing to take the time to teach us. 

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