Monday, August 3, 2015

Poster Critique

I decided to review my graduate student mentor, Brittany Jimerson, research poster “Developing a Patient Transfer Device Prototype Using Human Factors Techniques and Human Digital Modeling”. Examining the poster at first glance it seems to be well formatted and organized. While reviewing the poster in depth, the goals and objectives were clearly defined; the overall objective of the poster was easy to follow as well. The only weakness I found may be the clusters of information; might be too much information for the reader all at once. 
The poster contains pictorial illustrations of simulated tasks explaining the process. It also contains graphs to present statistical data to the reader. The overall content of the poster was clear and easy to understand. The title of the poster gave a clear description of the topic. The layout of the poster was organized and easy for the reader to understand. Although in some areas may have been too wordy for the reader. The poster, as a whole, was very effective delivering the overall objective and able to grasp the reader’s attention.

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