Monday, July 27, 2015

Tanisha's Week 7/8 Poster Critique


In review of the "Human Performance Modeling for Fluid Power Systems Investigators" poster I find the strength to be more so in the written content and weaknesses to be in the model imagery and additional graphics. More specifically the content of the poster is well organized and intentional. In my experience of posters thus far, I did not find this poster having unnecessary verbiage. Furthermore the imagery was well purposed, however they appear unclear at first sight. Specifically the flow diagram beneath "What progress.." is stretched in a manner that makes the diagram difficult to read. It is great to see the flow of the progress, and I do not doubt that the presenters could effectively express their progress with reference to the diagram. However, I believe a poster should speak well of the work prior to presenters even saying anything. This diagram amongst the other images on the poster could have been sharper for better representation. Because I am working on a project that focuses on human factors, as does this poster, my interest was immediately captured within the title. Thusly, I did also understand the work of the project.
As for the research I am working on all is well. I am continuing to dive into the awesomeness of human factors engineering and the user-centered design process. I find it amazing that so many designs are implemented in this world for users that were not even considered in the design process. Hence the reason we have so many items on the shelf today that seem extremely complex to the average person, but of course the designer can operate them seamlessly. Thus far, I am infatuated with human factors as we continue to design and develop specifically for the restoration and regeneration of human body. The work that I am doing has certainly opened my eyes to elements of life I would have otherwise overlooked. So I am grateful for the experience.

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