Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 6: Tanisha & Engineering

Hi guys, I'm a tad bit behind but this is me catching up! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their research experience as I am. The blog topic of this week certainly takes me down memory lane, reflecting even on my childhood. I have always been a person that is more than meets the eye, I'm always thinking and wondering about things. That being the case I was the child that hung out with my grandfather as he took things apart, repaired them (sometimes failing miserably), and putting them back together. I didn't realize my curiosities at such a young age would one day spawn into an interest and even love for engineering.

Though I was inquisitive about the nature of how things worked, I proclaimed pediatrics as my future career throughout grade school until my junior year of high school. It was in high school that I was introduced to engineering through the pre-engineering program, Project Lead the Way, which changed my mindset forever more. After much research in the midst of my senior design project, I decided I would dual major in computer and electrical engineering. After my second course in computer programming, I vowed to never do any form of coding again! It was just too tedious and my goodness was it boring! Well I laugh as I type that because I am currently spending a considerable portion of my time writing code. It is nearly inevitable in today's society with apps for everything.

Ultimately, I decided I wanted to be an engineer because I realized engineers are the coolest people on earth. Engineers get a thrill out of picking their complex, technical brains on behalf of some end user with a need. Long story short, I enjoy solving problems. Being able to see the solution in the midst of a problem is an amazing gift I have found joy in. While there are days I ask myself why I chose electrical engineering, I never question why I chose to forevermore be a problem solver. It is what I enjoy, thus it is what I do, making me who I am.

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