Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 7/8

To start critiquing this poster, let me first point out the large paragraphs and overall wordiness of the poster. It makes the poster hard to follow when it throws so much information at you. Perhaps by condensing the paragraphs to a few short and precise sentences the reader will be able to take more away from it. Other than that, I think this poster does a good job of explaining the graphics which helps with the overall flow of the information. The title is easy to find as well as the project investigators and sponsors.

Now for an update on my project. My sensor design has been approved and I have ordered the steel/parts necessary to construct it. Lately I have been in the machine shop trying my hand at machining which is a slow and grueling process but it is coming along. I am now machining my final piece of steel which happens to be the most intricate. Once I have completed machining the steel components, I can assembly my diabolical contraption and begin hooking up sensors to interface it with Matlab. Finally I will be able to take some data from my fluid compressibility sensor to determine the bulk modulus of different oil/gas mixtures.

Good luck to everyone on their projects!

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