Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 7/8

A grad student in my adviser's lab was kind enough to lend me her poster (pictured below) to analyze and use for this post. I believe that she did a good job in creating an effective, understandable poster. The title was concise and gave good background for the basis of her research, and the relevance for her work was clearly addressed. Dividing each section organized her main points and made them easy to follow. She used contrasting colors that are easy to see from a distance on her graphs. Additionally, she did a good job in acknowledging all of the sponsors associated with the project. Some comments that I have are the text on the graphs and some of the "cartoons" is difficult to see from a distance and changing the color of the borders from blue to red would help place more emphasis on her home institution. Overall, I think she did a good job with the layout and emphasizing the motivation for her research.
In regards to my project, I am making good progress. My project involves the investigation of biodiesel fuel quality and moisture content. I have finished testing all of my fuel samples and am currently working on analyzing the results.

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