Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 6: Angelica

My project has been really interesting and I am so glad it has to do so much with CAD. I have just been doing smaller projects to get familiarized with CAD more and have practice on it. The robot that my project is involved with is meant to use a helical needle in it that uses a "follow the leader" movement in order to reach the brain. The robot is meant to treat epilepsy. The current form to treat it requires cutting open the skull in order to get to the brain. It is a much less invasive way to get to the hippocampus. This robot uses pneumatics in order to actuate to bellows, one for rotation and the other for translation.  One of the greatest challenges is that the robot is to be used in an MRI scanner, which means that no magnetic metals can be used because of the magnetic fields within the scanner. This is what makes our robot unique. It is 3D printed in order to be used in an MRI scanner so that the location of the need can be seen at all times and also to see the heating of the probe.

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