Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 7: Angelica

 As a child I grew up with a father who is a mechanic and owned his own one man garage. This meant that I also grew up pumping breaks sorting nuts and bolts and being around cars. This was the first step into the mechanical world I experienced, and I am so thankful that my dad made me do all the things that I did. Once I reached high school, one of my dad’s close friend came to live back in Idaho. As I got to know him, it turned out he was an electrical engineer. I found his career fascinating as he had traveled the world, living in different countries, having to deal with environmentalists trying to kill his projects and such. It seemed really enjoyable and so I started to look into it more. I also started to physics class and realized how much I enjoyed it and also realized that engineering was a great way to apply it. So from my freshman year of high school on, I decided I wanted to be an engineer, and pursued it until now and onward!

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