Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 7/8 Blog Post

  • Week 8 Blog Post: (Research Poster Review and Critique)

Project 3A.3: Human Performance Modeling and User Centered Design-Patient Transfer Device

    • Identify strengths and weaknesses:
      • Information is kept relevant to fluid power and hydraulics principles and the goals of the center.
      • Addresses limitations, current progress, and techniques used
    • Ideas for review:
      • Content, did you get the point?
        • The objective, method, and conclusive results were well detailed and demonstrated with pictorial descriptions.
      • Title, was the title effective?
        • Yes, the title was descriptive and captured the objective.
      • Motivation, did it capture your interests?
        • Since I am also currently working on the same device, it was very interesting to see where the project was a year ago, and the progress that has been made since.
    • Layout, graphics and font
      • The Layout of the poster was effective and included a good amount of graphics. The poster seemed a little wordy but once read, lent a lot of necessary information.

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