Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 7/8 Poster Critique

To start from an overall view of the poster it seems to be filled to the brim with pictures and graphs. I feel as if there is to much going on to concentrate on a certain aspect of this poster. Now to go more in detail by starting with the title of the poster. It is defiantly a longer title, but it is simple by simply stating what it is their project was about. If there was a way to shorten the title it would be more pleasing to the eye. What I like about the text in this poster is the concise way it was written, but it is also the item of which hurts the overall presentation. With certain topics I feel as if the text does not describe the purpose of the components or system well enough to get a basic understanding of it. Its a tough balance between keeping the details right to the point, while other times not enough was given. The lack of details in the text was helped by the addition of clear pictures and animations. In the box titled Wind Turbines, I like the arrows pointing to the location on the turbine that the text is describing. Though the pictures and animation give a good look at the system, the graphs are hard to read with no subtitles or text relaying the information found. I can tell that this person had done lots of research and that this poster was just to small of space for them to clearly present what they have done over the summer.

Now for where I am at with my project. The test bed that I thought I would be working on this summer was the hydrostatic transmission for mid-sized wind turbines, however, I was given a project that was more maintenance based for hydraulics in general. I was told to do research on how to take an oil sample. With having just received a portable filtration cart, I can take a before and after sample of hydraulic oil to show the difference in ISO cleanliness levels. I have had little to do over the past few weeks, but I am now going lab to lab to inventory what machines they are using and what their maintenance practices are pertaining to the hydraulic oil. The oil samples I take will then be sent out to a lab for analysis.

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