Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jesus Partida Week 4

Essentially the research project that I am currently working on is just designing some form of mechanism which delivers a hammer like motion similar to what is experienced in rehabilitation for stroke victims. However, the two kickers to this are that one it must be pneumatically powered (or else it wouldn't be part of the CCEFP program haha) as well as being compact enough to fit on the wrist of a patient while also being able to fit inside an MRI device. Since all of the rehabilitation that will take place will occur in the MRI since the mechanism that is currently being designed it designed so that it can deliever blows at a very high velocity with enough force so that it send a signal to the brain at just the right interval so that it increases the number of neural connections made during the rehabilitation more than current traditional methods currently. Essentially the goals of the project are to just do what was mentioned above design a small mechanism which is MRI compatible and able to fit inside one so that it can deliver rapid timed blows in order to give stroke victims a better chance at rehabilitation. All of this has resulted in me using 5 of the weeks just learning basic software in order to model this mechanism so time is running out but as I am working the learning curve has been getting less steep. Sure designing initially was tough it still is tough as well as how much analysis goes into designing mechanisms so much math and logic haha, but if it works then great that means that in the future more stroke patients will be able to be rehabilitated and hopefully end up regaining more motion in their hands. Just that in itself is exciting enough to push me forward for the greater good in order to complete this project to the best of my ability despite my lack of designing knowledge. Good luck with your projects everyone and I hope you are all doing well take care and be safe every one!!!! 

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