Sunday, August 9, 2015

Final Submission Post-Jesus Partida

In the end I was able to develop a partial prototype of a device which delivers mechanical stimuli through an angular transmission. In order to achieve this goal initially the process involved a lot of learning such as how to space things apart as well as learning how to use SolidWorks as 3D modeling software. This also included learning how to use 3D printers as well and doing multiple prints so that I could get a hold of the preciseness of the 3D printers. So it was a long cycle of prototyping as well as learning. So I did not meet all of my objectives I mean I was able to create a new form of mechanical transmission so that the stimulus could be delivered accordingly, but as for an actual device which can be used perfectly inside of an MRI and be used for stroke rehabilitation and mounted with a patient that was unable to be achieved. In the future for the device what should be done on it so that improvements on it can perhaps be made so a final product can be made out of what I have produced. These include actually testing the device for its force and velocity it delivers the mechanical stimulus at. In addition the structural stability of the device will be addressed as well as changing the material of the rotating shaft and constraining racks as well as further increasing the space efficiency of the device. This entire summer was very beneficial for me I mean yeah I struggled but along the way I learned how to be perhaps a bit more courageous and independent now as perhaps even learning how to teach myself whatever it is that I want to be able to teach myself so that in the future whenever I am doing research on something I can proceed to learn and apply that information on my project. Any words I have for an incoming REU student would  be do not get discouraged ask lots of questions try your best and most importantly have fun do not spend all of your time just locked away in the lab trying to get something to work...go out! Watch a movie go visit a park just go and explore the surrounding area and culture of whatever it is that is around you I sure wish that I got to do that more! Alright everyone well happy trails I wish you the best on both your studies and your future whether it be industry or academia. Also this is not the last you will hear of me since down below I shall include a prototype of my poster which I shall hopefully present in the near once the final one is perfected I will be sure to upload. Till then take care everyone and take you for all of the support my lab as well as the CCEFP has given me in order to take this massive academic journey! Also here is a picture of my "final device".

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