Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 7/8 -Jesus Partida
Poster Review
Hello Everyone so I know that I am behind on a couple of posts so I am currently in the process of catching up so I will now review a poster which was present at Gatech. So initially the poster does a very good job with how it chooses it's color scheme. Colors which are not hard on the eyes and mesh very nicely with the back ground. In addition it also shows all of the sponsors which were involved in the project and the associations of schools behind the CCEFP along with their respective logos. As well as the fact it mentions its goal and research questions very clearly. In addition it also separates each section very nicely from each other so it is easy to see the transition as well as what it is that you are reading about. However any improvements that could be done would be perhaps increasing font size a bit more as well as increase the amount of white space a tad more so it does not look like there is a wall of text just coming out at the reader. Other than that the poster does a very good job at conveying its information so long as the reader is well versed in the content of whatever it is that he/she is presenting. So overall the title was very effective and it did make sense they clearly stated their motivations Also the approach reasons and conclusions were very well done so it is easy to understand once again provided that the speaker is very well versed in presenting the information on the poster which is not fully explained.  I am sorry but i could not get a full picture of the poster with my phone so here are pieces of it separated! Now as for my project progress I shall give you my progress for being only 8 weeks in so in that case at that point I did not actually start building yet; however, I was still able to develop some 3D printed parts as well as having an idea for what the final design should look like as well as what should be used to hold my pneumatics in my device time is running short so hopefully I can get something out of the lab before the program ends since it ends a week early for my lab.....

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