Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Angelica: Week 2

Living in a city, such as Nashville, means that there is constant construction. It really does seem that everything around you has some sort of hydraulic or pneumatic component to it. I noticed it most though when I was riding the bus. The constant noise of the opening and closing of the doors was super obvious that they used fluid power. Also the bust lowers and rises in order to accommodate older folks riding the bus, which is also obviously fluid power. Also about a block from Vandy is the Caterpillar office building and I thought about all of the items that they build with hydraulics. Even entering my building I realized it had hydraulics as it slows down before it closes in order to not slam and also uses it to hold the doors open for handicapped accessibility.  Needless to say, it really is everywhere you turn and it is one of those weird things you never noticed before but notice it constantly now that you are aware of its presence.

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