Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 3

I have now been working on my research for 3+ weeks and what I can tell you that that what I didn't  expect from this experience was how fast the weeks go by! I guess I never realized how long it takes to research even the smallest of details in a project, so that everything will comes together in the end. Though time is zooming by faster then I would like, my experience in the lab has been very educational. I have had some hands on work with mechanical assembly in my lab with putting our hydrostatic transmission test bed together. Going into this program I really hoped for as much hands-on work as I could. I seem to learn better when I can see all the components coming together.

I have really enjoyed the environment of my research where I have my own space to work and try to solve my problems in my own time. Unlike homework, research is more or less at your own pace and you get out what you put in. By putting in the hours looking up parts and researching the best circuit design pays off at the end of the week when you have some part of your work accomplished.

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