Monday, June 1, 2015

Tanisha's Week 1 Blog on Fluid Power Bootcamp

Good evening all! About a week ago, two planes and a bumpy shuttle ride later, I arrived to Lafayette, IN and met a thriving group of young engineers eager to engage in the study of fluid power. The fluid power bootcamp was an enjoyable and very informative experience for me and well worth the trip. I was surprised to learn all of the different applications of fluid power technology and its progression over the years. As I conduct my research this summer, my experience in Indiana will be ever present in my mind. My favorite activity was in the ABE lab getting my hands (and clothes) messy as I learned the circuitry of fluid mechanics. I am now familiar with the theory of pressure as well as the concept of an orifice! Coming from an electrical engineering background, my eyes were opened to new options and applications of power in order to improve the efficiency of future technologies. I believe post bootcamp and post summer experience my perspective on power will continue to broaden and cause innovative thinking to flow.

I am grateful for all of the leaders of the bootcamp that were patient and courteous answering each of our questions in addition to ensuring a valuable experience. I certainly enjoyed the social hours in which I was able to share experiences with others. I look forward to continuing in this quest for fluid power knowledge and reading the blogs of my peers.

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