Monday, June 8, 2015

Now continuing from where we first left off....
Then I  made it to the Maha center and it was interesting to have that lecture with Dr. Vacca about fluid power since I never realized even after watching the videos how useful and common it is in our daily lives! Then the labs it was interesting not having to do a wetlab or a chem lab for the first time and instead getting my hands dirty with hydraulic felt good actually. There was just so muc to describe in that first week that I can't really say everything...oh yeah then there was the food it was amazing!

Now to talk about this week which just passed.

Now this first week although it was mostly spent just trying to learn solidworks which was innitially the bane of my existence, but am now slowly building a tolerance and getting better at is interesting to see that there is a way to power mechanical devices without the use of electrical power inside an MRI machine...with fluid power so that is pretty nifty since it gets past all of the issues associated with trying to power a device in an MRI device. In addition I also learned about the power of 3D printed parts since they are made out of plastic it means that they are not magnetic and can be used inside of an MRI is interesting to see so many things relate into each other at once in order to achieve one goal...material science, fluid power..physics..mechanical engineering and etc. I am still trying to figure out how to build the device...but I shall succeed eventually! Also Atlanta is a very very big city it is very easy to get high light was walking 2 miles to Target just to get a blanket haha also it is nice having a mile walk every morning to get to the lab. I look forward to these next couple of weeks in the lab, Atlanta, and Georgia Tech.

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