Monday, June 15, 2015

Clayton Week 2

Fluid power truly surrounds all of us and there is no escape from it. With being introduced to fluid power I can't stop noticing it everywhere I go. With its versatility and high power capability its no wonder that it powers our world and keeps it moving along. Though I do notice the obvious hydraulic components like actuators and hose lines, what I really seek out is the filtration system. This might seem odd but since my project is to design and build a mobile filtration system to screen and clean oil, it has been what my focus has been on.

These first two weeks I have been doing a lot of reading and researching on all the types of filtration methods and purposes so that when it comes to designing my filtration system it can perform as desired. I had no idea just how important it is to filter a systems oil. 80% of all failures in hydraulic systems comes from contamination in the oil. Giving a reason to clean and purify your hydraulic oil. At this point in time I have sourced most of the components that will go into my filtration system and am now using a CAD software to design the mobile part of my mobile filtration system.

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