Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello! From Janetta (Week 1 Post)

I am excited for this summer experience with the CCEFP REU program!

I will soon begin my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering after having completed a Math degree from Spelman College and Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from North Carolina A&T!

Having a limited scope on fluid power only serves to make this summer's discoveries that much more exciting. I look forward to all there is to learn over the next 10 weeks and can hopefully apply much of it towards my doctoral studies.

When I first started this summer, here at North Carolina A&T, I discovered that our project is centered around correlating hydraulic systems within a Hoyer Patient Lift to the principles and concepts of Human Factors and Ergonomics! You can say that this area is the "bread and butter" of an Industrial Engineer! By utilizing a user-centered methodology, we plan to assist with the advancement of employing Hoyer patient lifts within hospitals.

More to come soon!

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