Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Its all starting to make sense

To remind everyone, the project I was dealt at the beginning of this program was to research, design, and build a mobile filtration cart to be used throughout the labs here on campus. At this point in time I have been researching, researching, and researching for the best circuit design to make filtration efficient, cost effective, and timely. I have sourced most of the components that will go into my system based off of requirements I gave myself to make this filter cart low cost, but effective. The main problem I am facing is whether to use a cheaper spin-on filter with cellulose media, or go for the longer lasting, more expensive drop-in fiberglass media for my filters. Other than filter selection I have designed a platform for all the components to be mounted to so that it can be fitted to a steel hand truck for mobility.

Today I went to Eaton's Research Labs to have a look at one of their filter carts and this reassured my design choices. Tomorrow, I am presenting my research and proposed design for my filter cart in our lab meeting, hopefully they will like my design and sign off so that I can start ordering the parts.

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