Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 3 Post: Jesus Partida (Gatech)

For this week three blog post it has been interesting to see the research culture here at this institution of Georgia Tech. The research here at Georgia Tech is very independent more independent than I was expecting. As I have seen so far research has more of a Get-it-done attitude versus a more here a set of very specific goals. Granted there are specific goals in the research I am currently conducting; however the path is not very defined. Although, despite this new found independence it is also very nice to see that people will come and help you if you ask and need help. So the environment is very independent but also very supportive should you choose to seek that support. Overall I kind of like this independence, but at the same time it is a double edged sword since it is very easy to get off track and lose your path, but because of this supportive network here at Georgia tech it is also very easy to find your path once more. Good luck on your research everyone! 

Oh by the way I am finally beginning to learn how to tame Solidworks! So those components are starting to take shape a lot easier as well as separate components; now onwards to new learning and more research!!!

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