Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Janetta Brown (Week 2 Post)

Finding out how fluid power and hydraulic systems are employed in day-to-day technologies have been quite surprising as our findings develop further. Applying these concepts into the healthcare industry and medical field serves as an aid in ergonomic intervention!

In a nutshell, musculoskeletal injuries occur way more often than they should on the job. Particularly within hospital settings. Nurses are often required to transport, readjust, and/or lift obese patients. This can result in strain, pressure, and stress on their muscles! The Hoyer Patient Lift utilizes hydraulic systems to alleviate the load often placed on nurses by lifting the patients and transporting them itself.

It is exciting to be a part of the reduction of such physical trauma and the implementation of beneficial equipment towards the advancement of everyday tasks. The exposure and new awareness that I have gained in just a few short weeks will undoubtedly influence the mark I plan to make within the healthcare industry! The versatility that fluid power and hydraulic systems has is remarkable.

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