Friday, June 12, 2015

Tanisha's Week 2 Blog

        Wow! Its amazing how 2 full days of fluid power exposure can change your perspective on the world around you; There is fluid power everywhere. As an engineering student I have a very curious mind that has always wondered how things work. Now I have one more thing in my tool belt that I am able to use to identify the functionality of that which is in my environment. Just the other day I was grabbing some items from the trunk of my car and noted the way it closes. I blame the methodology of hydraulics for this great system that ensures my head doesn't get squashed as I'm grabbing all of my groceries!

        My grandfather is 82 years young and has certainly been enjoying carrying on conversation with me regarding my fluid power findings. As I showed him the pictures I took during the boot camp we took a moment to talk about the fluid power systems of an excavator and other equipment I was able to identify.I am one who likes to gain knowledge that I can share with others, that they might have the knowledge also. That being said I have been looking for many opportunities to identify fluid power applications and even the symbolism of fluid power. In the lab where I work, there are quite a few posters from previous students on display that I had taken a look at prior to the boot camp and was perplexed by some of the terminology and imagery. Now I am able to better understand the concept of what the authors were trying to convey. I am looking forward to learning more about fluid power and how it impacts our daily lives.

        I hope everyone else is having a great summer thus far and enjoying the world of fluid power all around us!

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