Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back to the Basics (Week 4 Post)

Our research involves investigating nurse usage of the Hoyer Patient Lift within the healthcare industry. Currently, new technology and equipment are introduced regularly to the healthcare industry and it is important to capture the response, acceptance, and overall adaptation of new technological advancements amongst healthcare personnel. Now that we’ve gained an understanding of the hydraulic systems included in the composition of the Lift, the advancements in the current design of the Lift, and current usage, our inquiries have segued into how new technology is introduced and adapted into healthcare facilities. Many innovations have been made with technology to reduce the occurrence and risk of musculoskeletal disorders on the job. It seems as though many new advancements are made, but the actual purchasing, training, and utilization thereof by these healthcare facilities does not match the same vigor. We are hoping to answer why that is. Any significant discovery will help innovators and manufacturers of such technologies know what approach to use when introducing new technology to the healthcare industry and how to gain the response, enthusiasm, and adaptation of their products to the end users they aim to help.

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