Monday, June 22, 2015

Back to the Basics

So let's get back to the reason you're all with CCEFP this summer -- the research!   You've had several weeks to become integrated with the organization, your institution, your lab, and your project.  It seems everyone is working at a slightly different pace -- some continue to read literature and get a basic understanding of the technology, others are actively designing or creating prototypes, others are working on simulations.  All very necessary and useful work to do -- you're learning something at any given moment.  So... remind us what your research project is all about.  What is / are the challenge(s) you are trying to solve?  What are the goals of the project?  If realized, if successful, what is the impact of your research project?  Give us your 30 second (written) research pitch.  What's super exciting about the objectives of your work??

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